English Grammar exercise Task 1

Example Question adn Answer :

1. My plane landed at 8 pm yesterday. I had asked the hotel personnel to pick

me up at the airport.

2. John had repaired many cars before he received his mechanic’s license.

3. She had never seen Jackfruit before she came to Indonesia.

4. Marie felt bad about selling her car because she had owned it for ten years.

5. We understood the movie because we had read the book about it.

6. Kamal had studied about Germany before he went there for his university


7. I did not have any money to buy food because I had lost my wallet.

8. Ahmad had never been to Mecca before last week trip to Masjidil Haram.

9. We could not get a hotel room last night because we had not booked in


10. We were not welcome by the family because we had not made a telephone

call telling them that we would come last night.

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